Favorite Oregon Sources

I'll keep adding things as I find the, but here are some links to things you can find in Oregon that are delicious.

Skipanon Brand Seafood. Warrenton, Oregon
Salmon, tuna, steel head, crab, oysters, crayfish when available
All kinds of seafood, fresh, vacuum packed and live.  All the prices were amazing and the selection was great.  This family owned business is serious about sustainable, local seafood.  Oregon Field Guide even covered them! Available at the Beaverton Farmer's Market and stores around the area.

Flying Fish Co., 23rd and Hawthorne, Portland
All kinds of seafood, and sometimes other stuff too
The Flying Fish Co. is run out of a food truck that is filled freezers and refridgerators.  Don't let this put you off though. This is no side-of-the-highway fish monger.  Lyf is diligent about his fish.  Follow @flyingfishco on twitter for daily updates on what his is stocking.
Oregon's Choice canned tuna

Oregon's Choice
Oregon Albacore Tuna
Canned Tuna, but not like you've had before.  This is a chunk of tuna in a can.  Based in Newport, Oregon, this family owned company uses only hook & line methods and is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.   Available at New Seasons.  Great prepared as tuna balls.

Ecola Seafood Restaurant & Market, Cannon Beach
The restaurants and the boats are family owned.  They can and sell their own tuna, salmon and crab.  At the restaurant you can get fresh fish or eat lunch there.   The crab cocktail is outstanding.

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken
Sweet Briar Farms, PSU Farmer's Market
All sorts of pork.
A wide variety of pork products, including outstanding bacon.  I've only found them at the PSU Farmer's Market, but they may be in other places.

Homemade bacon from
Payne Family pork.
Payne Family Farm
Farm direct pigs
When we bought our whole pig, we got it from Payne Family Farm.  It was some of the best pork I'd ever eaten in my whole life.  Available from Eat Oregon First and various restaurants around town.

SuDan Farms, Canby Oregon
Lamb, ma'am
Run by Susie and Dan Wilson out of Canby, SuDan Farms lamb is available direct from their farm and you can find it at various restaurants around town.  We found them at the PSU farmer's market and ordered a whole lamb for our Eating Babies meal two years ago.  You can also read about impromptu braised lamb shank using SuDan farms lamb.

Ford Farm, Sauvie Island
Highland Cattle
We'd driven past Ford Farm many times on our way to Pumpkin Patch Farm on Sauvie Island.  I'm glad I finally called to find out about their beef.  We ended up getting 1/4 cow, and it was outstanding.  They are extremely small scale producer and do home delivery.  Their highland cattle are family raised and delicious.

"Eliza chickens", as we call them.
A Little Hope Farm
Chickens and Turkey
Admittedly, Eliza is a good friend.  It just so happens she is a good friend that humanely raises delicious chickens and turkeys.  Available by phone only.

Vegetables, Legumes
The Pumpkin Patch Farm, Sauvie Island
Seasonal Local Vegetables
My go-to place when the farmer's markets are not open or when I don't feel like dealing with the crowds.   Just outside the city on Sauvie Island makes it very convenient.  The selection is good, the produce is labeled so you know where it comes from, and the quality is very nice.

Haricot Farms
Canned beans, not fresh. Mass produced yet local and sustainable.  Available at Whole Foods, etc.

Braird Family Orchards
They have simply the best peaches I've ever tasted.  I've only ever seen them at the St. John's farmer's market.  These are the kind of peaches you want to buy cases of to can so you can eat them all year.

Kruger's Farm, Sauvie Island
Berries and Farm Tunes
A great place for berry picking.  Super popular in the summer for live music on Thursdays.

Warm bread with Stone-Buhr wheat.
"Local" is relative when it comes to something produced on such a massive scale, like wheat.  But Stone-Buhr is about as good as it gets.  Available in almost any grocery store in the normal flour isle, not just the "natural foods" section.  Read more about the struggles of durum wheat in Oregon.

Chateau Rogue Orgasmic Ale
The only beer I've found that is 100% Oregon ingredients.  The entire "Chateau" line is 100% local.  I like the Orgasmic Ale.  Only available at their pubs and breweries.

Olive Oil
Fresh olive oil at the
Oregon Olive Mill.
Oregon Olive Mill at Red Ridge Farms, Dundee, Oregon
The most successful of the fledgling Oregon olive oil producers, the Oregon Olive Mill has started to make a name for itself.  The olive oil is wonderful, and the farm itself is beautiful too.  Read about the challenges of the Oregon olive industry.

Jacobsen Salt Co., Portland, Oregon
Crystals of Jacobsen's Oregon Salt.
It makes all the difference in the world.
The only salt producer in the entire Northwest that actually gathers water locally and processes the water locally. Having just started in October, 2011, Jacobsen Salt filled a niche that no one else was.  Available at New Seasons, Elephant's Deli, and other places around Portland as well as online.  I had the chance to sit down and talk Oregon Salt with Benjamin Jacobsen.